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World Gone Nuts !


There are times when I have to question how world leaders think.  Maybe they don’t think and that may be the problem.  Lets take a stroll and look at what is going on in general terms.

Thailand was actually recovering it’s economy and business reputation till just a week ago.  Now the Yellow Shirts and some guy who wants to make a name for himself is running around Bangkok causing all sorts of problems.  But, lets not forget: the Prime Minister who is the sister of a polarizing figure in Thailand politics was doing pretty well when she and her party just had to stir things up by trying to make it possible to bring her brother back.  Now not only is he not coming back, but she may end up having to join him.  Which is a real shame because on her own she is a good lady.  She did not need the help of her brother to govern well.

China was just done with the Communist Party big mucky muck meeting and the press was pretty good.  The feeling in country was that the new Chairman of the Communist Party and head of China’s Government was being wise and doing things that will make life better for all people.  That was until about a week ago.  Now some dumb dumb decided to draw lines out in the South China Sea and created a mess that now includes:  Japan, Korea, USA, Philippines, Vietnam and even Atlantis.  Why?  who knows why they did this.  But, now the attention is not on the good things they were planning, but on all the problems they are creating.

BTW:  South China Sea is the designation on the map and never has meant that the area belongs to China.  Wake up people !

Russia is having fun too:  Putin is so busy but, he is sharper than Obama.  He makes sure when he wants to rebuild the former USSR that he is not seen trying to rebuild the former USSR.  The alliances of Russia with its former Soviet Republics is coming to a point.  The ones that want to become part of the European Union are given warnings about such moves.  Russia may cut off the flow of gas this winter if they do this.  Some nations have good trade with Russia in wine.  But, if this nation moves closer to the EU look out !  They will and have already made it harder for them to export wine products to Russia.
Russia in the Middle East is actually very impressive.  When I was with Nixon we had finally got most of the USSR moving out of the area.  But, President Obama must be Putin’s business partner because the Soviets oops, I mean Russians are in Syria, reviewing the troops in Egypt and this is just the beginning.  Do you remember who actually built the Aswan Dam in Egypt?  Is history about to repeat itself?

Actually, I do respect Vladimir more that President Obama in how effective he has been.  Now, do not confuse that I like what he is doing, just that how he is doing it and the future prospects of his success are very impressive.  This is the Golden Age of Historical Political Science as it relates to the Future World.

The younger people are not concerned.  Why?  They are too busy looking down at their phones to notice anything.  One cannot understand the World in 140 characters.  This I can promise you!

The United States of America is being lead by the biggest bunch of clueless people in our history.  Everywhere around the world Obama has made the USA into a joke.  He insults our best friends and hugs our former enemy’s.  There used to be solid and very patriotic Democrats in the Senate and House.  But, if they speak out their feelings.  They get midnight visits from Obama gangsters from like old Chicago days.  They are told to get in line, shut up or Obama will have them destroyed.

The World Has Gone Nuts.

Happy Trails,  Buzz